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Your AI-Powered Career Coach & Friend. VERA guides you through your career journey, from identifying your ideal career path to securing your dream job.

Here’s how vera can help you

Career Planner

Find your Ikigai (ideal career) with World's First AI-Powered Career Planner. I will help you discover your personality traits and help you learn more about recommended personalised careers. I will also give a valid direction towards achieving your ideal career.

Practice Interviews

I will guide you through realistic interview simulations, personalised feedback, and expert advice to help you ace your next interview. Boost your confidence and unlock your potential.

20+ more Capabilities Coming up soon

Empowering Enterprises with VERA Your AI-Powered Assistant

For Higher-Ed Colleges

Empower your students to navigate their academic journey with confidence and seize their dream career opportunities, all under the guidance of VERA, your campus' very own AI-powered career assistant

For Corporate

Unleash your employee's potential and elevate their career trajectories with VERA. VERA can enhance professional growth, boost productivity, and foster a culture of continuous learning.

Important Disclaimer→ VERA (Virtual Education and Recruitment Assistant) is a product of Board Infinity and all rights pertaining to it are reserved. VERA utilizes AI capabilities to provide guidance and resources on career development. While VERA is designed to simulate human-like interaction and provide personalized recommendations based on inputs received, it is still a machine learning model. The advice and guidance given by VERA should be used in conjunction with human judgment and users are advised to consider all information and advice in their context before making decisions. The resources and advice provided by VERA do not guarantee job placement or career advancement, as these outcomes depend on various factors including but not limited to market conditions, individual skills, and effort.”